The seven pillars of life

When constructing tall, strong buildings, a structural engineers know the pillars are essential to hold out against heavy storm and extreme earthquakes. The pillars of life are the foundations to guide and provide us solidity. Change in life happens when you decide to change, commit to guiding principles, and act on those principles regularly. However, we need to do this for every area of life in order to achieve peace and success.

The seven pillars of life

7 Life Pillars

Often life can be busy, stressful, and overwhelming. It feels like there are plenty of things to do but not enough time to do even a few. If you feel uncertain about the future, there are 7 essentials pillars to be focused on life.

The Seven Pillars of life are the essential principles of life…

  1. Financial

Money isn’t everything but it plays a very important role in our lives. It allows us to buy property, investment, saving for retirement or future security. To spend wisely, you need a budget. With a little time, you can put together a clear budget to improve your spending habits. Everyone needs to be saving each month, but the reality of life makes if difficult. In reality, you should aim to save between 10-15% of your monthly income. Debt payments should not be more than 15% of your income (not including mortgage loans). Money also helps us providing better education to our kids and fulfilled family desires.

  • Your financial is healthy if you have emergency fund, you are employed or running successful business, need better financial planning to save money than spending. Where do you see yourself in 5 years, and where would you like to be? Those questions are part of planning your healthy financial future.
  • Your financial status considered unhealthy if you have lots of debt, unemployed for a long time, spending more than you’re saving and no investment. Credit cards can have perks, such as raising your credit score for on time payments or rewards, they can also be dangerous.

When you define what your financial pillar looks like, you can be able to keep your financial life balanced. Money not only allows us to achieve our goals but also influence us to take-charge.

  1. Physical

Regular physical activity is the key mantra. There are four basic pillars to good health: – proper diet, healthy lifestyle, appropriate sleep, hygiene.

  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet play a key role to protect your health. In fact, up to 80% of premature heart disease and stroke can be prevented through your life choices and habits, such as eating healthy diet and being physical active. World food guide recommends eating a variety of healthy foods each day. This includes eating plant-based foods more often and avoiding highly processed food. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is one of the most important diet habits. Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and help you maintain a healthy weight.
  • Healthy habits are small by themselves, but if done together they add up to a healthy lifestyle. The top 10 healthy habits are: measure and watch your weight, limit unhealthy foods and eat healthy meals, take multivitamins, aim to get 30 minutes of midday sunlight several times per week, drink water regularly and stay hydrated, exercise regularly and be physical active, reduce setting and screen time, take less stress, find ways to manage your emotions and track your healthy habits.
  • How much sleep do you need? An important aspect of implementing good sleep is knowing how much sleep you need. Throughout our lives, our sleep needs will change. Infants, children and adolescents need far more sleep than adults, according to the National Sleep Foundation, adults typically require between 7 to 9 hours of sleep at a time. For adults, getting less sleep than this, sleep deprivation is associated with a variety of physical and mental health deficits. Go to bed at the same time every day, get up at the same time every day, try to maintain your sleep schedule.
  • Many diseases and conditions can be prevented or controlled through appropriate personal hygiene. Better hygiene leads to better health, confidence and overall growth. Cleaning your body every day, washing your hands with soap and warm water, brushing your teeth twice a day, washing your hands after handling pets or other animals. Practicing good body hygiene also helps you feel good about yourself, which is very important for your mental health.
  1. Emotional

This pillar covers your feelings and emotions. There are different categories of emotion but anxiety, appreciation, amusement, calmness, confusion, fear, excitement plays important role in our life. Being your control or manage on your emotions can impact your overall wellness. You must identify any areas where you consistently find yourself weak. You should learn how to control your emotions and you can make better life choices. If you ever feeling out of control or unable to regulate your emotions, you can seek for professional help to comfort this pillar in your life. Emotions are an essential part to identify who you are, but they can be complicated, grimy, confusing at times. Knowing how to name your emotions and talk about them with both you and others-is a key part if developing emotional health. Emotions can also serve a purpose, even when they are negative. You should experience your emotions; consider how you react to them. it is usually the reactions that create challenges not the emotions themselves.

  1. Spiritual

It is thoughtful how mind, emotions, body, soul, sprit can align together to bring peace and happiness in life. Spiritual knowledge is about our existence and our connection with the whole universe, regardless of your spiritual beliefs, spirituality should be a regular part of your routine. The spiritual practices are very important for your personal growth and evolution. Understanding is a spiritual birth, an acknowledgement of God within the human heart. A spiritual assessment is intended to support you to move forward in your life journey. Spirituality is not about a religion or belief. It is a sense of building a connection to something larger than us and seeking meaning and purpose of life.

  1. Love

Love is likely the most visible of the pillars of life. Having a partner, you trust will allow you to feel comfortable in your relationship. Trust means your relationship is strong enough that you can share anything with your partner. Trust means not having to verify everything the other person does and speaks. It is a feeling like we can trust the other person to share the good moments just as much as the bad ones. Romantic relationships that highlight emotional support, affection, closeness and maintains a strong bond. Partners often share decision making, supports and influence in personal growth. It is important to show mutual support. Being able to differentiate our needs form the other person’s and letting them grow personally and professionally. Research have proven that when partners have charming and emotionally stable personalities, they be likely to be more satisfied in their relationship. In relationships, your partner may not express the way you prefer them to do still his/her gestures show respect and care. Both members of the couple have a responsibility over the relationship and should care for it.

  1. Personal development

Personal development is the ongoing process of self-improvement and a lifelong process. Developing your personal vision is an ideal of where you see yourself in few months or years. Set and do write your goals, read your goals once in a day, start dreaming your goals. Regular review of your personal development plans and your activities will ensure that you learn from what you have done. It will also ensure that your activities continue to move towards your goals. Those with strong personal development skills admit that there’s not certainly an end goal, when they achieve personal goal, it creates an opportunity to review and restart the process. You can also improve personal development skills through upgrading your education, training courses, workshops and learning through mentorship.

  1. Professional development

Professional development refers to developing and improving skills to better meet the needs of your carrier. Organization skills are supreme in any career development process. Map out your goals at work. If your goals meet your personal style, make sure to organize them. It’s equally important to celebrate your progress every step of the way. Motivate yourself and recognize your true worth by tracking your wins. If you are not growing, are you moving backward, so ask yourself the following question:

  • Am I still a team player?
  • Am I still willing to learn and communicate?
  • Do I need a mentorship?
  • Is your willingness to examine past actions and decisions in order to improve?


If you are struggling to get success, it may be time to try a different approach. You can’t achieve different results by doing the same things at all the time. Make a plan to invest in yourself, set goals and work on them a little every day, focus on your nutrition, exercise and your sleeping habits, invest in relationships and find ways to give back, learn the art of selling, focus on the legacy you are creating. These seven pillars of success will help you get to a point where you can achieve almost anything you want as long as you put them into action. It might take some time to get to where you want to be in your life, invest more of your time in it and don’t forget that hard work is the pillar of success. You are something new in this world. Be glad of it. Make the most of what nature gave you.

Thanks a lot for reading till the end. Stay healthy, be progressive and positive.


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